We solve problems with creative and cost effective solutions.

E3 brings a business, engineering, technology background and a creative/artistic bent to bear on your project. We apply our experience to every project and we will let you know if we think you are going down the wrong path, even if it costs us business in the short run. We are much more than just a "3D printer".

We know how to do new product development and can help you with your rapid prototyping needs.  We know the ropes and can help you if you need guidance.  We can also help you with the steps beyond prototyping.

If you use marketing models, plastic is a lot lighter than metal to carry on those sales calls and to trade shows.  Contact us.

If you need a few parts made for some project and they are ready to go, send them to us to take a look.

At E3, we help small and large businesses, architects, doctors, lawyers and other professional services firms, educators, inventors, entrepreneurs, and individuals. We would be glad to collaborate with you.  



We bring to the table internal capabilities in FDM (plastic extrusion) technologies and UV resin technologies.  We supplement our internal printing capabilities with external resources. E3 will strive to find a way to complete your project.

In-house we can print in ABS, PLA, Nylon, and light cured resins. Externally, we can get your project completed in a variety of plastics, metals, and glazed ceramic.

JOB COST: To be honest, "it depends". Printing cost is based on a number of factors, including materials, processes, and timing. If you have a specific budget/target, let us know what it is and we will offer options that can meet that budget.

QUOTING: If you want to have E3 print/quote you something, email the file to us at mrrabeck@gmail.com or send a link, tell us what you can about it and ask for a quote.  If it is something that needs a lot of design work or fixing, or you have multiple files but low quantities we need to know your budget so we don't waste each other's time.  Don't worry, we won't raise our price to your budget but we may try to lower it to get to your budget.  If you are going to resell your items and need to be able to hit a cost target, let us know and we will try to work with you especially if there is the chance of ongoing business

3D Design:

We can take a sketch, model, photos, or an idea and start from there or if you already have something designed on a computer we can import your design and use it as a base to work from.  If you find something online, we can often take it and make the modifications you need. We can also 3d scan a part and use the scan as a starting point.

3D Scanning:

We use a Hewlett Packard 3D scanning system which uses the structured light scanning process. We are able to scan objects that range from things that will fit in your hand up to table size or larger.  If your project requires a scanner system with different capabilities, we have access to that also.

Billing and Payment:

Our billing can be retainer, project, or hour based depending on your needs.  

We issue electronic invoices and offer payment terms ranging from Net 0 to Net 30, depending on the project and the client. Clients have found that while we may charge more per hour than some others, our abilities combined with our technical background and years of experience result in better output for less real $ cost and opportunity cost overall.  When you count the cost of your time having to answer many questions or make many corrections to a design because the designer is technically competent on the design tool but has no industry or technical knowledge the savings really add up.

We hope all this convinces you to give us a shot, we would be glad to work with you, and will do our utmost to delight you.

Thanks for your time and consideration, if you would like to speak with us about your needs, please complete the contact form.


Houston, Texas, USA