The 2 HPs...which way for 3D printers?

So  that first tech start up, Hewlett-Packard, is splitting itself in two...which way, if any, will their planned 3D printers go?

Will it be the Enterprise side with high end servers or the PC/PP (personal printer) side?

If they move forward, which IMHO, they should I vote for the enterprise products and services side.

They announced earlier this year their intention to serve the business market.  The enterprise side is the obvious place for their large format and industrial printers and plotters to end is probably a good home for their 3D printers, too.

Where HP can make the biggest impact is with speed and cost.

They have economies of scale to apply to the 3-D printer business and also capital reserves to allow them to price ahead of the printer cost curve and really drive industry prices down to where they should be.

HP's expertise in laser and page width format printer design is ideal for developing game changing printer technologies and devices. HP has great abilities to formulate inks and toners.  

I expect to see them introduce powder and or jetting printers that use buil platform width or full platform print/binder heads to increase build speeds by an order of magnitude over current technologies.

i would love to know what others think.